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Find affordable drugs for uninsured or underinsured customers; Find the best pharmacy plan based on customers’ needs; Support medication safety and mental health with AI powered and pharmacist-led consultation focusing on pharmacogenomics.

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We are a group of people with abundant experience in hospital, pharmacy, private and government health insurance, and AI/data science industries. Healthcare is expensive and it shouldn’t be. We help customers find most effective and affordable medications.

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We perform evidence-based analysis of newly approved or marketed specialty drugs and compare their cost and effectiveness. Provide information regarding free or discounted program for expensive medication. We are here to help you improve your health outcome and reduce cost.

It is not a secret that pharmaceutical companies increase drug prices over the years. Consumers may see higher premium for health plan, higher deductibles, and higher out-of-pocket with the rising cost of health care. High prices leave patients feeling the pinch. In order to pay for the high cost of medication, they have to cut their spending in food, clothes or other utilities. Both the government and private sectors have sought many ways to reduce the drug cost, either by enacting policies or utilizing technologies.

Some companies provide coupons for customers to use in retail pharmacies to reduce their cash payment, while other companies may provide copay program or discounted program to help patients combat high-cost drugs. Same type of drugs can vary a lot in price depending on health plan or rebate. Our goal is to find the resources and deliver that information to customers so they can compare and make the right decision.

Personalized medication is not only decided by the drug itself and customers; it is also a process of comparing the health plans, service by hospitals and clinics, or the presence of discounted program. Our pharmacists certified in pharmacogenomics will provide drug consulting to help improve outcomes and reduce side effects. We will investigate all of them in our series of blog posts. We will leverage our technology and experience in drug and health care industry to find the best deal for our customers.

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